Sunday, June 04, 2006


Freedom-Hating Hippies to Take Over SG June 18th-24th!

(SG HQ) Even as invitations to join “Convert a Hippie Week” continue to be sent out on (of course) recycled paper, the Spurious George HQ mailroom, staffed by Ivy League school drop-outs, has been flooded with responses. We’ll be posting a full schedule of which liberals will be hijacking this site from June 18th through the 24th later this week, but rest assured that those already committed constitute a “who’s who” of blogosphere America-hating!

For the uninitiated, during “Convert a Hippie Week,” Rex Kramer will be incommunicado, and thus has opened the doors of Spurious George to the most egregious of rejectionists/defeatists…with one caveat; they must write about something….anything…that makes them proud to be an American. Those invited to post in Rex’s absence are without a doubt talented, although it makes the Baby Jesus cry to see them waste their talents hating America as they do. Hopefully, a little Spurious George magic will rub off on them, and they’ll see through rose (white an blue) glasses why this is the greatest country in the history of everything!


Blogger Mary said...

That picture is pricely. Excellent idea danger...I can't wait to see the results.

June 04, 2006 8:23 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth Branford said...

Anything, Rex??? ANYTHING??

June 05, 2006 1:25 AM  
Blogger pissed off patricia said...

I too will be away the same week the Dangerous Rex will be moving. Unlike the Danger family, I will be doing what all good hippies do. I will be lounging on the beach on the west coast of Florida. I will be scantily clad while drinking and getting tan. I'll hang out at beachside bars with others like myself. Oh yeah baby, I'm looking forward to my week of being lazy and crude and probably un-American.

June 05, 2006 8:25 AM  
Blogger Kvatch said...

I will be scantily clad while drinking and getting tan. I'll hang out at beachside bars with others like myself.

PoP, nothing is more Amer'can than scantily clad bodies getting tan.

June 05, 2006 12:32 PM  
Blogger pissed off patricia said...

I would imagine that the good Mr Danger Seeker would prefer ladies to appear on the beach in a dress that would at least come down long enough to cover their knees. I think scantily clad women are said to make the baby jesus cry.

Getting tan is what happens when you go to the beach, that is amerikun.

June 05, 2006 4:45 PM  
Anonymous Dude said...

I've been racking my brain to think of something I love about America, but so far I've only come up with Lesbians and porn...and really Lesbians are a subcategory of is that just one thing?

June 06, 2006 1:07 AM  
Anonymous gordo said...


All real Americans prefer that women wear swimsuits like these. After all, what good is a bikini-clad vixen at the beach? There's not much you can do about the sinful thoughts they inspire while you're out in public.

Our young lasses should confine their bikini-wearing to the pages of Sports Illustrated and Maxim. I have some of these magazines in the throne room at home, where they can be useful.


Something to love about America? That's easy! Rex Kramer, Danger-Seeker!

June 06, 2006 2:38 AM  
Blogger sumo said...

Dangerous territory here're the decider on this one...such responsibility. Maybe you should take it before Congress...mayhap an amendment to the Constitution in order to find your hippies. We back you all the way.

June 06, 2006 3:50 AM  

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